168 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
creton32 fe245180f7 editor(emacs): Adds further configuration file changes 5 days ago
creton32 4730a8a8c6 editor(emacs): Adds further configuration file changes 6 days ago
creton32 8be08929e1 bin(and): Improves adb wrapper script 6 days ago
creton32 33615cc359 general: Adds other changes 1 week ago
creton32 31d501ee62 bin(and): Fixes minor issue 1 week ago
creton32 93ff071e62 bin(sy): Makes use of terminal dependent color escape sequences 1 week ago
creton32 e39a1a96cd dev(git): Changes diff output to include original chunks 1 week ago
creton32 137fa79373 editor(emacs): Adds various changes to initialisation file 1 week ago
creton32 fcdd221126 term(kitty): Amends color 1 week ago
creton32 672a3f80b4 video(pipe-viewer): Switches Invidious instance 1 week ago
creton32 7922e79776 term(tmux): Switches to terminal-dependent colors 1 week ago
creton32 11bcd156ef browser(tridactyl): Amends binding to be site specific 1 week ago
creton32 8f4bf38f6e browser(tridactyl): Adds more services to webRequests script 1 week ago
creton32 aa6446930b browser(tridactyl): Adds some services to webRequests script 1 week ago
creton32 33a808a633 audio(ncmpcpp): Removes Vim specific configuration 1 week ago
creton32 e3eb27881b editor(emacs): Adds small tweaks 2 weeks ago
creton32 32f32c23f0 bin(and): Adds WIP version of adb wrapper script 2 weeks ago
creton32 d34778106e general: Adds various tweaks 2 weeks ago
creton32 90899d872b dev(efm-langserver): Adds configuration setting 2 weeks ago
creton32 782aedc988 chat(weechat): Adds bindings 2 weeks ago
creton32 32e625f09a browser(tridactyl): Adds download bindings 2 weeks ago
creton32 22db874389 bin(tri): Cleans up script 2 weeks ago
creton32 bc0b649f84 bin(sl): Cleans up script 2 weeks ago
creton32 497c6cf253 bin(xc): Cleans up script 2 weeks ago
creton32 4f9a24fe5c browser(firefox): Disables default tracking protection 2 weeks ago
creton32 c386feacd0 term(zsh): Adds weechat alias 2 weeks ago
creton32 13ace8dfec display(X11): Adds font antialias settings 2 weeks ago
creton32 17130c5aac video(youtube-dl): Removes default audio extraction 2 weeks ago
creton32 5911aac5fa editor(emacs): Amends small details 2 weeks ago
creton32 b7f658285b tridactyl: Refactors requests scripts 2 weeks ago
creton32 fbda12950a tridactyl: Splits services into separate file 2 weeks ago
creton32 77442959ef .gitattributes: Adds Tridactyl assets filter 2 weeks ago
creton32 a4cb21ac26 editor(emacs): Adds more secrets 2 weeks ago
creton32 d4fa65b3d2 editor(emacs): Adds various configuration settings 2 weeks ago
creton32 0cc478ddb8 editor(emacs): Adds private initialization file for secrets 2 weeks ago
creton32 3c0430ee5e term(zsh): Adds adb XDG compliant configuration directory 4 weeks ago
creton32 28993b63ab editor(emacs): Restructures init file to better fit use-package 4 weeks ago
creton32 2b755405ec chat(weechat): Changes keybinding 4 weeks ago
creton32 7d50d27151 editor(emacs): Adds auth source file 1 month ago
creton32 bbaf1ae7bf bin(xc): Adds small wrapper script to notify of system clibpoard contents 1 month ago
creton32 e283998641 mail: Sets urlview command to custom tri script 1 month ago
creton32 781c2aaf67 video(mpv): Invokes wrapper shell script to notify of clipboard use 1 month ago
creton32 499d1a138d term(zsh): Adds vterm helper functions 1 month ago
creton32 c15714328c reader(zathura): Changes initial zoom to best fit the PDF page 1 month ago
creton32 ba722f50b9 reader(newsboat): Adds RSS entries 1 month ago
creton32 80e1b6571d mail(mutt): Adds urlview macro 1 month ago
creton32 8102a28394 input(sxhkd): Fixes mute keybinding 1 month ago
creton32 e927e9c707 gui(gtk-3.0): Removes unneeded whitespace and prevents Zathura clash 1 month ago
creton32 58e6d62b8d dev(docker): Adapts Whoogle's environment file to 0.4.0 1 month ago
creton32 327fedb01a dev(git): Adds Forge configuration 1 month ago